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RED is the 3rd best recruitment agency

17th February 2021


Best Recruitment Agency - Ranked 3rd in Hot 10

The 2020 Recruiter HOT 100 Recruiter List has just been published. Moving up 10 spaces from last year, RED is delighted to be the 3rd best recruitment agency in the HOT 100 2020 list.

We’re incredibly proud of our employees whose hard work and dedication have ensured our huge jump up the ranking to the 3rd spot.

Last year, RED was ranked 13th best recruitment agency, as well as 5th best tech recruitment agency.

The latest HOT 10 tech recruiter list ranked us at number 3 too. 

Rankings are pre-Covid

The HOT 100 list is compiled annually by Agile Intelligence for the Recruiter, and the rankings are based on GP per head. The figures are off the 2019/2020 financial year, prior to Covid. 

Quoted from Recruiter online, “This 2020 HOT 100 reflects past performance – in either 2019 or early 2020 – with few firms’ accounting period straying into the Covid-affected months. As the old sporting saying goes, ‘Form is temporary, but class is permanent’. And the recruiters that made the 2020 HOT 100, based mainly upon their 2019 profitability and often serial constituents over the years, offer a benchmark as they continue to battle with Covid’s impact. Furthermore, online forums, blogs and meetings held throughout 2020 show that the efforts of many to take care of their staff, contractors and temps have been a shining light of good practice.”

The Tech sector is tops

Quoted by Recruiter, “All top 3 are tech recruiters, although RED is the only one that is specific to SAP. Across the HOT 100 there are 39 IT companies, 23 Professionals, 18 Technical recruiters, nine Public Sector, six STEM (combined with either IT or Technical but separated here for the first time), and five in the category of Office/Industrial/Trades.

In the top 20, representation stands at seven Professionals listed, of which one made the HOT 10. Seven IT staffing companies are listed in the top 20, with six of these ranked in the HOT 10 while the top 20 balance comprises just one Public Sector firm (Professional – Executive level) and five Technical recruiters (two in the HOT 10).

Drilling down to the HOT 10 by sector, all constituents are highly specialised recruiters. Technology/IT has dominated for the first time, with six constituents.”

How do we do it?

  • First-class training & development programme ensuring all our recruiters are the best at what they do.
  • A highly experienced leadership team that understands how to leverage their best assets.
  • We make it our job to understand our clients and candidates requirements.
  • We put quality over quantity in everything we do.
  • We support our employees in their career paths as well as with their mental health. We do our best to keep them happy, productive and engaged.

If you want to work for a global SAP recruitment agency with a fantastic reputation, industry-leading tools and systems, career prospects and reward packages – get in touch with our in-house talent team today.

Die große Frage: SAP Custom oder Standard?


Die Frage nach einer standardmäßigen oder maßgeschneiderten Lösung stellt sich bei jeder SAP-Implementierung. Und das aus gutem Grund. Beide Ansätze haben ihre Vor- und Nachteile und können weitreichende Auswirkungen auf Ihr Unternehmen haben.

Doch wie gut haben maßgeschneiderte Systeme in der Pandemie abgeschnitten, wenn man bedenkt, wie schnell sich Unternehmen an die vollkommen neue Situation anpassen mussten? Wir haben unsere Kunden gefragt, ob die maßgeschneiderte oder die standardmäßige Lösung die bessere Wahl war.