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Our Festive Future: How Technology is Shaping Holiday Traditions

4th December 2023


As the holiday season unfolds in this exciting digital age, our cherished customs and moments of joy are being completely reimagined through the dynamic lens of technology.

From the immersive worlds of AR and VR to the thoughtful gift suggestions of AI and the global village created by social media, we are witnessing a transformation of our festive traditions.

If you’d like to understand more about the new opportunities festive technology is bringing us this holiday season, and how they can play a part in your traditions, just keep reading!

Immersive holiday celebrations: The magic of AR & VR as festive technology

Gone are the days when holidays were confined to what we could see and touch. Now, with artificial intelligence, AR, and VR, we're catapulted into a world where the festive spirit is something you can step into and explore.

These aren't just new tech toys; they're gateways to experiencing our beloved traditions in vivid, dynamic new ways.

The virtual carol: Singing along in VR

Imagine a choir not bound by location, where voices from across the world come together in a harmonious carol.

Or enjoying your favourite holiday concert right from your couch, surrounded by the energy of a live crowd.

These aren't scenes from a sci-fi novel — they're real experiences made possible by VR this holiday season.

VR choirs: VR choirs are bringing singers from different corners of the world together. It's like being part of a global Christmas carolling event, with everyone's voices blending perfectly, no matter where they are.

VR gigs: No need to brave the cold or crowds — virtual reality concerts bring the holiday spirit to you. Get the best seat in the house and feel every note, as if you're there in person.

Festive avatars: Deck out your digital self with a virtual wardrobe of festive outfits. In the VR world, you can show off your holiday spirit just like you would at a real-world party.

AR and VR for interactive festive storytelling

This is storytelling that leaps off the page — literally. Children can watch with glee as Santa and his reindeer pop out of their books and into the living room with VR books like those provided by Arbibook.

Plus, with festive AR games and apps, living rooms become stages for interactive holiday stories, where children and adults alike can play an active role in the story, moving and interacting with their favourite Christmas characters.

Christmas gift shopping in the metaverse

With 39% of Millennial and Gen Z shoppers interested in AR and VR shopping, the metaverse is redefining retail therapy. Virtual shops in digital worlds are now a reality, providing a festive shopping spree without the need to leave home.

Virtual shopping centres: The metaverse offers virtual shopping spaces where shoppers can browse and interact with potential gifts in 3D using only their devices, helping you find unique Christmas gifts for friends and family without spending time in-store.

AR fitting rooms: According to a recent report, 3 in 10 customers want virtual dressing rooms instead of going to a shop for clothes. AR technology gives you the power to try on and find the perfect Christmas outfit, without waiting in long queues or dealing with poor fitting room lighting.

AI-powered gifting to save time searching

If you've ever found the perfect gift thanks to an online suggestion, you've experienced AI's growing role in holiday shopping. These smart systems, like digital elves, work behind the scenes to curate gifts that hit the mark every time.

The gift-bots: AI simplifies Christmas shopping, suggesting gifts that are a perfect match for your family and friends. With a little digital know-how, gift-bots like Photutorial and Giftbox.a are changing the future of gift shopping.

Curated book recommendations: For the bibliophiles in your life, AI websites like Readow can analyse reading habits and genre preferences to suggest quality books your loved ones are likely to enjoy, making for a thoughtful and personalised gift.

Branded corporate gifts: AI can help you select corporate gifts that reflect your company's values and culture, ensuring that every gift reinforces your branding and commitment to your employees, clients, and partners.

Christmas festivities through social media

Social media is where the warmth of the holiday season glows.

It's our digital gathering place to connect, share, and celebrate.

Whether we're livestreaming family Christmas dinners for distant relatives or using festive filters to add some holiday cheer to our posts, social media has the unique ability to bring our shared experiences together.

- Live-streaming: Live-streaming allows family members to share their holiday moments as they happen, bringing them together in a digital Christmas experience.

- Hashtag holiday campaigns: Hashtags create communal spaces for individuals to share their holiday decor, recipes, and celebrations, creating virtual hubs of festival cheer.

- Festive filters and frames: Virtual photo booths with festive filters and frames give social media profiles a holiday makeover, spreading cheer with every post and interaction.

- Collaborative Christmas playlists: Groups can collaborate on festive playlists, contributing to a shared holiday soundtrack that sets the mood for virtual gatherings.

- Group video calls: Video calling technology bridges the gap between loved ones by enabling group video calls where everyone can share in the excitement of gift-giving, no matter where they are.

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Technology-enabled giving: The heart of the holidays

Giving has never been easier or more connected than it is now. With technology, we can support a cause, make a donation, or volunteer our time with just a click. It's generosity at the speed of the internet, bringing us closer to the true spirit of the holiday season.

- One-click donations: A single click can now represent a donation, a gesture of kindness, or an offer of support, transcending traditional barriers to connect givers with causes around the world.

- QR codes for quick giving: QR codes simplify the act of donation, allowing for quick and easy contributions to charities and causes via our devices.

- Gift matching platforms: Online platforms that offer gift matching can double the impact of donations, encouraging more generous giving by promising to match what you give.

- Challenges for charity: Social media challenges can drive charity initiatives, encouraging widespread participation and raising awareness for causes during the season of giving.

- Shopping local: Social platforms highlight local businesses, encouraging us to shop locally for gifts to reduce our carbon footprint and support our communities.

- Virtual volunteering: Virtual volunteering opens the door for professionals to offer their skills to global causes from anywhere in the world.

- Direct impact reporting: Charities use technology to report on the direct impact of donations, offering donors a clear picture of how their contributions are making a difference in real-time.

What festive technology is teaching us about Christmas

It's time to reflect on how technology can enhance our traditions, deepen our connections, and redefine what the holidays mean to us.

It's not about replacing the old with the new; it's about using technology to bring out the true spirit of the season in new and exciting ways.

In the spirit of this festive tech revolution, RED Global is committed to connecting visionary tech talent with companies at the forefront of innovation.

Whether you're a tech expert poised to lead the way or a company eager to add cutting-edge skills to your team, RED Global is your ally. Get in touch to see how we can help.

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