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Debunked! The Myths of Working in Cloud Computing

6th December 2023


Forget what you know about cloud careers; it's time to get the facts straight.

Cloud computing isn't just the future; it's the now. It’s reshaping industries, revolutionising how we work, and its momentum is only picking up.

High demand? Check. Career growth? Check. The chance to be at the cutting edge? Double-check. But let’s cut through the noise.

There are myths out there, and they’re holding back talented people like you. We’re here to debunk them. Let’s clear the air and get you the real deal about cloud careers, so you can understand the real potential of cloud career paths.

Myth: "Cloud computing jobs are just for IT professionals"

The myth that cloud computing is the exclusive playground for IT professionals is a narrow view likely born from the cloud’s technical roots.

But here’s the reality check: the cloud isn’t a private club with a ‘techies only’ sign on the door. It’s a vast ecosystem where diverse professionals from all sectors thrive.

Reality: Cloud technologies are everywhere

Why isn’t this myth true?

Because cloud technology is about as inclusive as the air we breathe — it’s everywhere, touching every corner of the business world.

The reality is that cloud infrastructure has become a universal tool – not just for coders and tech support, but for anyone looking to innovate and streamline their work.

No matter your department, the cloud has something for you:

- Marketing & Sales: Marketing gurus are mining cloud data to target customers better. Sales leaders are using it to track and predict trends.

- C-Suite Strategists: Strategy experts are using cloud analytics to guide companies toward smarter investments and operations.

- Customer Service: Cloud tools are helping customer service professionals predict issues before they arise and offer solutions in real-time.

- HR: From onboarding to talent management, cloud solutions are streamlining processes that were once paper-laden and time-consuming.

- Creatives: Designers and content creators are collaborating in real-time, across continents, without a hitch, thanks to cloud platforms.

Myth: "Cloud certifications are the only path to success"

This myth is tantalising, suggesting a clear, linear path to success for cloud computing careers — collect cloud certifications like you’re playing a video game.

It’s rooted in the idea that formal validation is all that matters. But the truth? It’s not about the badges; it’s about the journey. Employers offering cloud jobs value what you’ve done and what you can do, not just what you can show on paper.

Reality: Real cloud skills lead the way

The reason this myth doesn’t hold up is because, in the cloud, actions speak louder than words — or certificates.

The reality is that hands-on experience, problem-solving savvy, and a track record of real-world results will propel you much further than a framed certificate on the wall.

While cloud computing career requirements might state you need particular certificates, more often than not, it's all about having the right soft skills and experience.

Myth: "Cloud is only for big enterprises"

There’s a David and Goliath story at play here — the myth that cloud computing solutions are only for the big players. It’s a misconception likely fueled by the cloud’s early adoption by large corporations.

But let’s flip the script: cloud-based solutions are actually David’s best weapon — an ecosystem that gives the smaller contenders a fighting chance.

Reality: Cloud technologies are for every business

This myth falls apart under scrutiny because cloud technology is the great equaliser.

The reality is that cloud computing services offer scalability and flexibility that can transform a startup or SME into a global contender, proving that in the cloud era, size really doesn’t matter.

Myth: "Job security is compromised in the Cloud"

The myth that a cloud computing career is a one-way ticket to instability couldn’t be more off-base.

It likely stems from the fast-evolving nature of tech, where today’s hot skill can become tomorrow’s old news.

But here’s the thing: cloud computing technology isn’t just a trend; it’s the foundation of modern tech infrastructure.

Reality: The cloud’s a safe career bet

The myth is debunked by the sheer demand for cloud skills across industries. 

The reality is that as more organisations migrate to the cloud, the need for professionals who can navigate this new terrain is skyrocketing, turning cloud expertise into one of the most secure career choices out there.

In fact, top cloud computing careers, like a cloud architect or cloud engineer role could have you earning six figure salaries if you play your cards right.

Check out “Career opportunities in cloud computing and how to get started” to learn more.

Myth: "Cloud is just about storage and servers"

This myth confines the cloud to a digital storage closet, which is a serious underestimation of its capabilities.

Perhaps it’s because, at its inception, cloud services were synonymous with storage solutions. But now? The cloud is an expansive landscape where storage is just the beginning.

Reality: Innovation lives in the cloud

The reality that busts this myth wide open is the cloud’s role as a hub of innovation.

Beyond storage and servers, a company's cloud computing strategy is the driving force behind advances in AI, machine learning, and IoT, reshaping industries and creating new ones in its wake.

Innovation isn’t about having the biggest server room anymore; it’s about having the smartest cloud strategy. The cloud empowers even the smallest businesses to innovate without the need for extensive infrastructure.

Myth: "Cloud is only for young professionals"

This myth is a relic, falsely proclaiming the cloud career world as the exclusive domain of the young and the restless in tech. It might exist because of the stereotype that ties technological savviness to youth. But let's set the record straight: the cloud doesn’t check your ID at the door.

Reality: The cloud welcomes all

Why is this myth all wrong? Because the cloud industry thrives on the blend of fresh ideas and seasoned expertise.

The reality is that the cloud is as age-inclusive as it gets, offering opportunities for growth and transition to anyone with the drive and determination to seize them, regardless of the year on their birth certificate.

RED Global: Your cloud career partner

There you have it – the myths are busted, the facts are clear. Cloud careers are diverse, dynamic, and in-demand. Now’s the time to seize the opportunity, break into the cloud, and make your mark.

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