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How To Attract Tech Talent In Berlin’s Thriving Cloud Market.

3rd July 2023


If you want to harness the power of cloud technologies effectively, you need to get talent acquisition right

But it’s not always easy. Especially in Berlin’s thriving tech scene. 

How can you stand out? What do you need to be successful in your candidate search?

In this blog, we will delve into strategies and insights to help you position your business as a sought-after destination for talented cloud consultants in Berlin.

From highlighting Berlin’s immense appeal to showcasing exciting career opportunities in the cloud industry, let's explore eight strategies that will help you build your future-ready team.

1. Highlight the allure of Berlin

Berlin has become a magnet for tech professionals worldwide, drawing them in with its vibrant tech ecosystem, unbeatable opportunities, and exceptional quality of life.

Make sure you highlight what all the fuss is about in your candidate search, mentioning the benefits of living in Berlin in job ads, interview calls, and any interactions with potential tech candidates. Some benefits to focus on include:

Vibrant startup culture

Berlin's tech scene is known for its flourishing startup culture, fostering innovation and providing exciting opportunities. Tech professionals are drawn to the energy and dynamism of Berlin's startup ecosystem, where they can contribute to solving challenges in groundbreaking projects and be part of disruptive ventures.

Thriving tech scene

Berlin is home to an active tech community, buzzing with events, meetups, and conferences that support knowledge sharing and networking. Cloud professionals can attend these events not only to expand their network, but also keep them at the forefront of the latest trends and advancements in the Cloud industry.

Great quality of life

Compared to other major tech hubs, such as Silicon Valley or London, the cost of living in Berlin is relatively lower, allowing tech professionals to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. The city's rich cultural heritage, vibrant arts scene, and diverse culinary options further enhance its appeal, providing a well-rounded experience beyond the professional sphere.

Diversity and inclusion

Berlin embraces diversity and inclusion, creating a welcoming environment for cloud professionals. Highlight this fact as well as your company's commitment to diversity, showcasing initiatives like inclusive hiring practices and employee resource groups. 

Access to cutting-edge technology

Highlight Berlin's access to cutting-edge technology. Showcase the city's state-of-the-art infrastructure, research facilities, and technology hubs. By emphasising your company's access to these resources, you'll attract tech professionals eager to work with the latest tools and be part of groundbreaking projects.

#2 Make the case for cloud careers

As the demand for cloud professionals skyrockets, it’s vital you, as an employer, showcase the incredible opportunities that cloud careers offer. But how do you convince tech professionals of the benefits of going down the cloud route? Here are some talking points.

The power of cloud computing

Showcase how cloud technologies revolutionise industries, from finance to healthcare, offering enhanced efficiency, scalability, and innovation. Share examples to demonstrate the impact cloud has to get candidates excited about the potential avenues they can go down. 

Diverse range of cloud roles

Showcase the variety of positions available, such as cloud architects, cloud engineers, and cybersecurity experts. By highlighting the breadth of opportunities, tech professionals can see the potential for career growth and specialisation within the cloud industry.

Skill development opportunities

Emphasise your commitment to continuous learning and provide opportunities for skill development. Offering training programs, certifications, and mentorship initiatives not only attracts cloud talent but also fosters a culture of innovation and professional growth.

Dynamic work environment

Emphasise the collaborative and dynamic work environment that cloud professionals can experience in your company. Highlight your team-oriented culture, cross-functional collaborations, and agile methodologies. Showcase how your organisation values diverse perspectives, encourages innovation.

Stellar job security

More than 80% of a company’s workload is on the cloud, meaning long-term job security and soaring demand for cloud professionals.

Emphasise the steady growth and increasing reliance on cloud technologies across industries, ensuring a constant need for skilled experts. By showcasing the continuous demand for cloud expertise, you'll attract tech talent seeking stable jobs.

#3 Build a strong employer brand

By showcasing company culture, values, and employee benefits, Berlin-based employers can create an appealing image that resonates with the tech professionals you’re trying to attract. Share success stories and testimonials to further reinforce your great reputation.

#4 Create standout cloud job posts

Craft compelling Cloud job descriptions that focus on cloud technologies, highlighting the unique aspects of the position, your company, and importantly, Berlin itself as a place to live. Don’t forget to include relevant keywords and industry-specific language to make the Cloud job postings stand out.

#5 Promote flexibility

People in Berlin are known for their efficiency and time optimisation. So, make sure you promote flexible working hours, remote work options, and wellness programs. Creating a supportive and inclusive work environment will help you attract top tech professionals seeking a healthy work-life balance.

#6 Go to tech events

Actively participate in tech conferences, meetups, and workshops to connect with potential cloud talent in Berlin. Maybe even host events yourself by collaborating with local tech universities – you never know who’ll show up. Getting your business’s name out there is key, even before tech talent are job-ready.

#7 Be competitive

You don’t have the luxury of skimping on salary and benefits packages when it comes to cloud candidates in Berlin. Conduct market research to align your salary ranges with industry standards. Consider offering performance bonuses, stock options, and flexible benefit plans to attract the best talent. 

#8 Highlight social impact

Tech professionals, including those in Berlin, are often driven by a desire to make a positive impact on society and the environment. In fact, over 70% of workers and job seekers are drawn to environmentally sustainable employers.

Showcase your company's social impact initiatives, community involvement, and sustainability practices. This will help you attract tech talent who align with your values and want to contribute to meaningful projects.

Experience the difference with Berlin cloud recruitment by RED

Berlin offers boundless opportunities for technology professionals. Its vibrant tech ecosystem, startup culture, exceptional quality of life, and access to cutting-edge technology make it a dream destination for cloud careers.

To attract top tech talent, partner with RED, your trusted cloud recruitment agency specialising in connecting businesses with exceptional cloud professionals. Book a free strategy call today and explore Berlin's talent potential to build a future-ready team for your business.

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