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Frontend Developer


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Frontend Developer - 4+ months - Remote - Start May

For our international client in Germany, we are looking for an experienced Frontend Developer.
Your main task is to play a vital role in a strategic project aimed at forging a secure cyber-physical trust portal leveraging Web3 technologies.

* Architect and implement intuitive user interfaces with Next.js, ensuring they align with our Web3 platform's strategic objectives and accessibility standards
* Utilize Tailwind CSS to create a responsive and modern user experience.
* Write maintainable, cross-device compatible, and accessible code in TypeScript.
* Conduct comprehensive user-focused unit- and E2E-testing with React Testing Library and Playwright for robust application functionality.
* Collaborate closely with backend teams for seamless API integrations using Node.js.
* Foster a continuous improvement culture within a flexible, agile development process akin to a kanban environment.
* Document code and development procedures in detail for ease of ongoing and future project work.
* Isolate component development with tools like React Cosmos or Storybook, stressing the importance of a modular architecture.
* Maintain stringent security protocols, implementing strict security headers, and embodying a security-first approach to development.
* Manage continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) workflows using GitHub Actions, ensuring consistent, automated quality checks and deployments.

* Strong project experience with Next.js, Tailwind CSS, TypeScript, Vitest, React Testing Library, and Playwright
* Project experience with component isolation practices, with proficiency in React Cosmos or Storybook
* Project experience with Node.js and OpenAPI specs for backend integration
* Expertise in agile development practices, particularly within kanban-like environments
* Solid experience with GitHub Actions and a thorough understanding of CI/CD principles
* Some experience with Flutter would be a plus
* Strong UX design experience

Project details:
* Start: May
* Duration: 4 months (+ option to extend)
* Workload: 5 days per week
* Location: 100% Remote
* Languages: Fluency in English

Telephone interview slots with our client can be arranged at short notice with a decision immediately thereafter.


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