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Top Programming Languages To Learn Now

7th December 2020


Top Programming Languages To Learn Now

While some industries are struggling to get back on their feet, many tech jobs in the UK have already rebounded to their pre-lockdown levels.

Businesses need tech professionals to help adapt to the current times and move their companies forward to the future. This is emphasized by the UK’s ‘Rethink. Reskill. Reboot’ campaign, encouraging people to get ready for the economy of the future. If you’re a programmer, it’s a great time to be in the industry. However, this competitive field is constantly advancing, and even if you’re already working in it, you need to be advancing your skillset in order to stay ahead of the competition.

We’ve put together our picks for the key programming languages to be learning right now in order to successfully compete in tomorrow’s tech jobs market.

Why Programmers Should Learn Python

Python is one of the most common programming languages to get started with or transfer your skillset too. The widespread use of the language makes it a 10/10 for job prospects. Although not suitable for mobile computing, learn python to have an edge in web and desktop programming. Python is especially key for the data science and AI industries.

Check out TechRadar’s guide to the best Python online courses to start learning and attain the skillet you need.

Why Programmers Should Learn Java

Although a little more difficult to pick up than Python, knowing Java can have some serious financial reward. This language is still king in programming in larger organisations, meaning bigger budgets, and likely higher compensation. Google used Java to create the Android ecosystem, and with the widespread use of Android applications in business, learning Java can help guarantee you stay in business as a tech professional looking into the future.

LinkedIn Learning is considered one of the best sources for Java courses online. Click here to access it and sign up for a free first month.

Why Programmers Should Learn Scala

Used by many developers of Java, Scala is often considered one of the most quickly up and coming programming languages for developers to start learning asap. Often cited as one of the highest paying programming languages in the IT industry, having a head start in learning it can put you in a strong position not only now, but in the future when the language really takes off.  

Click here to learn what courses Digital Defynd advises to take to get a grip on Scala.

Why Programmers Should Learn JavaScript

Alongside HTML and CSS, JavaScript is a key programming technology of the World Wide Web. Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey Results 2019 show that in the last 7 years in a row, JavaScript has been the most popular programming language among developers. Although there is a lot of supply for JavaScript talent, knowing this language might be an expectation in today’s tech jobs industry. It is crucial for front-end developing. Most websites rely on JavaScript for interactive webpages, so, considering the complexity of modern-day websites, knowing JavaScript is a great advantage.

PC World has outlined the best JavaScript courses to sink your teeth into. Click here to check them out.

Why Programmers Should Learn PHP

Although there is great competition from other programming languages, PHP still stands as the winner for backend programming in older organisations. Having been around for over 35 years and known as one of the most productive Server-Side Web development programming languages, knowing it can be a great advantage for your programming career. Many big organisations, such as Facebook and WordPress use PHP, so consider the ample potential as a proficient user of it.

Check out Udemy’s courses on PHP, which might provide a good starting base for understanding the language.

Our Top Honourable Mentions

With the abundance of programming languages available nowadays, the following are worth looking into to get an edge as a programmer.

  • .NET is a Microsoft-developed programming framework that mostly runs on Microsoft Windows. It is used by many major companies, including Dell, Accenture, TCS and others.
  • Angular is a Google-supported open source web application framework known to be best for building large scale web applications. It has a vast ecosystem of tools and libraries, so although learning the ins and outs can be a challenging undertaking, it will be rewarding.
  • React.js, often compared to rival Angular, has gained strong prominence among programming languages as a relatively easy to master and highly applicable tool. If you want to learn a versatile language to develop web applications and quickly optimise them for mobile use, React.js might be the language for you. 

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