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Celebrating the Success of 2020 RED Life Sciences Charity Race

9th October 2020


RED Life Sciences Charity Race 2020

This August, RED’s Life Sciences team set out a challenge to run/cycle a tour of 2,020 kilometres to raise money (a goal of £2,020) for Dorothy House Hospice Care, a charity of tremendous personal significance to the team.

The team of 10 smashed through their target with a distance of 2,131 km, more than enough to cover their European bases and go from London to Zurich to Munich and back. For those who didn’t know, our Life Sciences team is based across London, Zurich and Munich hence the goal.  The team also beat the fundraising target, raising £2,319.25 for the charity with support from the RED colleagues, candidates and clients. 

With this initiative, RED’s Life Sciences team successfully accomplished their goal to contribute to the greater good. RED’s Global Account Manager Benjamin Eddy says, “RED Life Sciences was set up to support the ITS community to help empower lives. We wanted to do to a little more for the people that need it the most.” 

Dorothy House was appreciative of the support, and they highlighted how vital the support is during the COVID-19 pandemic especially as many charities have taken a hit. In their thank you letter, they said, “We are very grateful for your support, particularly at this time, as this gift will help us to finance these important moments which make a real difference to people’s lives.”

Along with the greater goal achieved, the team had a lot of fun along the way. They had several battles amongst themselves, seeing who would come out on top. The incentive helped them not only achieve new personal activity goals but also resulted in some strong team bonding. RED’s Delivery Consultant Matt Dunne says ‘Without the drive and support from the LS team, I ever thought I could run 4 half marathons within 2 weeks. I did, and we kept building as a team.’

Congratulations to all who participated in this major success of an initiative. You’ve helped make a real difference in a time when that matters the most. Shoutout to everyone in the Life Sciences team: Ben EddyCarla PapenbrockDavid RobertsJill SoniJosie BaberKatharina MahleckeKevin ChapuzetMark CainMatt DunneSean Nyazika. You’re all amazing!

Thank you to all of those who donated and supported our team in this great effort.

If you’d like to learn more about our exciting initiatives and life at RED, visit our Work For RED page.

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